The Firm

Our office is dedicated to the care of individuals or corporations, domestic and foreign, as well as in favor of public entities, alone or in partnership with the most respected Brazil and foreign law firms, always focused on the development of opinions or legal counsel before administrative and judicial courts of the country.

We operate in all matters involving Financial Law, Constitutional Law and Tax Law in its various taxes (income tax, PIT, IPI, IOF, PIS, COFINS, ICMS, ISS, CIDE, fees and other), including in cases of tax planning , corporate restructuring, Brazilian investment abroad and foreign capital investment; issues relating to more specific sectors of the economy, such as taxation of telecommunications, environmental law, transport operations or tourism, the financial market, insurance and capital operations with minerals, electricity, oil, gas, fuel and infrastructure; those issues involving international tax law, arbitration and all matters relating to international treaties, import, export and contracts of international trade (WTO, GATT and Mercosur) and trade defense (anti-dumping, countervailing measures and subsidies).

The partners and employees of HELENO TORRES LAWYERS Office are committed to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and care and with all the rules that promote compliance and good corporate governance and public ethics and transparency.